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Top 10 Packaging Artists for Packaging Design and Branding

The way we look and interpret items in a store is changing as a result of the efforts of packaging artists. Packaging graphic designers can make or break a product by designing the product.

You should aim to make the packaging of your product distinctive and alluring enough to convince potential customers to try a new product or business they have never even heard of. Product packaging is frequently the first point of contact a prospective customer has with your brand.

To entice customers to choose your product from a shelf full of rival products, packaging designers can evoke feelings and emotions. Professional packaging designers have created even the most straightforward designs, and sometimes less is more when it comes to packing.

Apple goods are renowned for their simple, minimalist packaging, which is ideal for the brand and the product within. Here, with our list of some of the best packaging designers.



Ideahits : Award Winning Packaging Artists

Ideahits is the best branding and packaging design agency. From the production of logos to the design of product packaging, their team of skilled specialists offers a wide range of branding and packaging design solutions. Their strong portfolio shows their expertise in the branding and packaging services. They are expert in luxury branding and packaging design.

They have worked with top companies such as Nestle.


·      Parker Williams

A company that has garnered numerous international design honors, including the DBA Design Effectiveness Award, the Marcom Award, the GDUSA American Graphic Design Award, the Gramia Award, the Pentaward, the FAB, the Dieline Award, the Chip Shop Award, and the European Design Award.

Their best work for Tesco Finest, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, and Kinder (that’s not Tinder, LOL) is displayed in their portfolio.

·      Design Bridge:

One of the most well-known and accomplished packaging designers, both in the UK and globally, is Design Bridge. For their flawless packaging designs for well-known clients including Tiger Beer, Nescafe, and the UEFA Champions League, they have won a number of honors.

The packaging designers have been in business for more than 30 years and have a lifetime of experience. In addition to their London studios, they also have offices in Amsterdam, Singapore, New York, Shanghai, and New Delhi. They take great delight in having novel and unconventional ideas, and they work hard to keep this at the core of all they do.

·      Brand House

It’s packed here, and what a hand the Brandhouse plays. They are a branding agency that harnesses the power of emotion to build high growth brands that achieve outstanding commercial success for clients while also earning them accolades for effectiveness and creativity on a global scale, including the DBA and at least three Pentawards in 2013 alone. Keep an eye out for projects for Moulton Brown, Robinsons, Kellogg’s, Britvic, San Miguel, and Kellogg’s.

·      Jones Knowles Ritchie

The best packaging designers are those who comprehend how crucial it is for a brand’s packaging to instantly reflect its distinct personality. Jones Knowles Ritchie has created packs for Guinness, Birds Eye, Heinz, and many other major corporations. Rather than mirroring their familiar standards, they place a strong emphasis on showcasing the unique characteristics of each brand.

These seasoned packaging designers have earned a number of honors, including two Marketing’s Design Awards and five DBA Effectiveness Awards. In 1990, the creative firm was founded in London. Since then, it has grown to include offices in New York, Singapore, and Shanghai.

·      Elmwood

Elmwood is the proud recipient of 40 DBA International Design Effectiveness Awards, more than any other agency has ever received. They are adept package designers with a remarkable capacity to boost sales of goods without using any promotion.

By creating and promoting its very own brand of beer and tea, both with exquisitely designed packaging, Elmwood has even put their own abilities to the test. Their extensive customer list, which includes ASDA, BBC Talent, and Comic Relief, makes it clear why they are among the top packaging designers in the industry. Three of Elmwood’s six studios are located in the United Kingdom, with the remaining locations being in New York, Melbourne, and Singapore.

·      Burgopak

The main draw of this structural packaging design firm is their patent for a cardboard built sliding mechanism, which is spectacular in use and really distinguishes any packaging design. They have a number of unique patented packaging goods that draw in some huge blue chip names. A Pentaward, three Good Design Awards, two if Communication Design Awards, and countless American Package Design Awards are just a few of their honors. They were also honored with the titles of “Design Team of the Year” at the 2011 UK Packaging Awards and “Design Company of the Year” at the renowned UK Packaging Awards in 2009.

·      Bloom

Bloom London approaches their work in a distinctive way and serves as a partner in their customers’ brand identities. In a world that is constantly changing, they work to deliver identities that can last through packaging and beyond.

They are packaging designers, as the name implies, who work hard to assist their customers in reaching their maximum potential. Since the agency prefers to let its work speak for itself rather than enter prizes, they have nonetheless managed to win a handful despite this strategy.

·      Bulletproof

Although they are at the bottom of our list of the best packaging designers, Bulletproof takes great satisfaction in their unmatched originality and clever concepts. In keeping with the meaning of their name, Bulletproof insists that all of their work must originate from invincible concepts.

The Drum Magazine ranked Bulletproof as the fourth-best design firm, and it is easy to understand why. They work extensively in the food and beverage sector, with Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Heineken, Strongbow, Bacardi, and Cadbury’s among some of their major customers.

Brand Opus

In just 7 years of operation, Brandopus—which has nothing to do with an octopus*—has developed into one of the youngest agencies in Design Week’s most esteemed top 100, rocketing up the rankings to rank 20 in the UK on billings 2013. An impressive accomplishment for a business like this.

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    Frequently Ask Questions

    • What is a packaging designer and what do they do?

    A packaging designer is a specialist who develops a product’s packaging’s visual identity and layout. They employ their inventiveness to create packaging that effectively conveys the brand and message of the product while also being aesthetically pleasing and practical.

    • Why is packaging design important for businesses?

    Businesses should pay attention to packaging design since it may play a big role in luring customers and making a product stand out on store shelves. A product’s worth and quality, as well as its special attributes and advantages, can all be effectively conveyed through a well-designed package. Effective packaging design can also promote brand loyalty and recognition.

    • How do packaging designers create designs that stand out on store shelves?

    Packaging designers use distinctive visual components including distinct shapes, vibrant colours, and attention-grabbing graphics to create designs that stand out on store shelves. They also take into account the intended market for the product and employ design aspects that will appeal to them. In order to better distinguish the product, packaging designers may also include cutting-edge features like interactive aspects or sustainable materials.

    • What are some common packaging design trends?

    Common packaging design trends include the use of clean, simple, and minimalistic designs, as well as the use of vibrant, bold colors, bold lettering, and environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. To better distinguish the product, packaging designers may also use cutting-edge components like augmented reality or distinctive container shapes.

    • How does packaging design affect the perception of a product’s quality?

    The perception of a product’s quality can be considerably influenced by its packaging design. While a poorly designed box may imply a poorer quality product, a well-designed package can aid in communicating the worth and quality of a product. Packaging can also contribute to the feeling of exclusivity or luxury, which can raise the perceived value of a product.

    • What are the most important factors to consider when designing packaging for a product?

    When creating packaging for a product, the target market, special features and benefits, brand identity and message, functionality and durability of the packaging, and environmental effect are the most crucial things to take into account.

    • How do you choose the right colours and typography for a product’s packaging design?

    The brand’s identity and message, the target market for the product, and the desired emotional response from customers must all be taken into account when selecting the proper colours and typeface for a product’s packaging design. It is possible to generate specific feelings or connections with the combination of colour and font, such as trust, enthusiasm, or elegance.

    • What are the common mistakes to avoid when designing packaging for a product?

    When designing a product’s packaging, common mistakes to avoid include utilizing complex or cluttered designs, hard-to-read fonts, disregarding the target market, and overlooking the usefulness and longevity of the packing. The packaging of the product may be subject to legal or regulatory regulations, therefore designers should be mindful of them as well.

    • How do packaging designers balance creativity with practicality?

    By taking into account the distinctive qualities and advantages of the product, the brand’s identity and message, as well as the package’s usefulness and durability, packaging designers strike a balance between creativity and pragmatism. Designers should make sure the packaging is useful and beneficial for the product in addition to making it visually appealing.

    • What role does sustainability play in packaging design?

    As consumers become more environmentally concerned and demand sustainable products, sustainability plays an increasingly significant part in packaging design. To lessen the influence of the packaging on the environment, packaging designers may utilise sustainable materials, such as biodegradable or recycled materials. To further promote sustainability, designers may also include elements like refillable or reusable packaging.

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