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Pictorial Logo Design


Tired of logos that whisper? At IdeaHits, we shout your brand’s story with vibrant icons that sing louder than words ever could. We’re not just logo designers; we’re visual storytellers, crafting symbols that ignite memories and forge instant connections.




  • sleek falcon soaring across your tech company’s logo, embodying speed and innovation.
  • heartwarming embrace symbolizing the community at the core of your non-profit’s mission.
  • whimsical treehouse sparking childhood wonder for your eco-friendly toy brand.

These are the pictorial masterpieces IdeaHits brings to life.

Benefits of pictorial logos:

  • Memorable: Pictorial logos are often more memorable than word-based logos because they are easier to process visually.
  • Versatile: Pictorial logos can be used in a variety of applications, from print and web to packaging and merchandise.
  • Scalable: Pictorial logos can be easily scaled up or down without losing their quality.
  • Universal: Pictorial logos can transcend language barriers, making them ideal for businesses with a global audience.

Types of pictorial logos:

There are many different types of pictorial logos, but some of the most common include:

  • Mascots: Mascots are often used by businesses that want to project a friendly and approachable image.
  • Animals: Animals can symbolize a variety of things, such as strength, power, or speed.
  • Objects: Objects can be used to represent a company’s products or services.
  • Abstract symbols: Abstract symbols can be used to represent a company’s values or mission.

Why choose IdeaHits?

  • Award-winning artistry: Our team boasts accolades for their creative spark and strategic brilliance.
  • Bespoke brilliance: We ditch cookie-cutter solutions and meticulously tailor each logo to your brand’s unique DNA.
  • Memorability in motion: We obsess over crafting icons that not only stun the eye but leave an indelible mark on your audience’s mind.
  • Global impact, borderless language: Your brand deserves to stand tall on any stage. Our logos transcend cultural barriers, speaking volumes without a single word.

Ready to unleash your brand’s visual roar?

  • Hire a Pictorial Logo Designer for expert Pictorial Logo Design Services. 


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