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Best Packaging Design Trends for 2023

Any product’s marketing strategy must include packaging design, and keeping up with the most recent trends is key to remaining competitive. Based on the industry situation, we will talk about the packaging trends for 2023 in this post.

Growth in Flexible Packaging

Although flexible packaging has been increasing for a while, recent market forecasts predict even greater expansion in the years to come. At a CAGR of 4.8%, the flexible packaging industry is projected to grow to $315 billion by 2027. Both producers and consumers benefit from the ease, sustainability, and adaptability of this kind of packaging.

Illustrated Ingredients in Punchy Palettes

Making a brand stand out and clearly describing the product is one of the key objectives of packaging design. This will likely be communicated in 2023 through the use of graphical ingredients in vivid color schemes. This style uses cartoonish images of the components in vivid, eye-catching colors to make the product pleasant to the eye and simple to identify.

Bold Fonts

In 2023, bold typefaces are anticipated to be a significant trend in packaging design. Big, bold typeface is used to draw customers in and make a powerful visual impact. For brands looking to convey a strong, confident statement, this trend is especially beneficial.

Minimalistic Style

Since a few years ago, packaging design has favored minimalist style, and 2023 is predicted to see more of the same. Customers that respect simplicity and minimalism will be drawn to products with basic, clean lines and a limited color palette since they have a sleek, modern appearance.

Colour Blocking

Another style that is anticipated to be common in packaging design by 2023 is color blocking. Using contrasting colors to produce strong and striking designs is the current fashion. Brands may make a big visual impact and stand out on store shelves by using color blocking.

Design in 3D

Packaging designers now have easier access to 3D design because to developments in printing technology. More packaging designs with 3D features like embossing, debossing, and texturing are likely to appear in 2023. Consumers will find the product more engaging and memorable thanks to this trend’s addition of a tactile dimension.

Design of QR Codes

Although QR codes have been around for a while, packaging designs are starting to use them more frequently. More innovative uses of QR codes in packaging design, such as connecting to product details, marketing offers, or interactive experiences, are anticipated in 2023.


Designing packaging with cartoons has always been a popular trend, especially for goods marketed toward children. More cartoon-inspired designs that tap into consumers’ fond memories and feeling of enjoyment can be anticipated in 2023.

Vintage Look

Since a few years ago, the retro aesthetic has become a prominent style in packaging design, and in 2023, it is predicted to remain so.

Overall, vivid, lively, and customised packaging designs are anticipated for 2023, with an emphasis on bold lettering and straightforward, uncluttered designs. It’s also anticipated that utilization of 3D designs, QR codes, and flexible packaging will rise.

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