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Wordmark Logo Design


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What is a wordmark in a logo?

A wordmark, also known as a word mark, is a unique typographic treatment that consists solely of text and is used for branding and identification of a company, product, service, organisation, or institution’s name.

What are wordmark logo names?

A wordmark logo is a kind of logo design where the main element is text, usually in the form of a particular typeface or font. The name of the business or organisation that the logo represents is frequently utilised as the text in wordmark logos. Popular wordmark logos include those from FedEx, Facebook, and Coca-Cola.

Is Nike a wordmark logo?
Nike eliminated the wordmark and surrounding box in 1995 in favour of a single Swoosh-only logo, which has since become the company’s main emblem.
Why use a wordmark logo?

By starting with a wordmark, you can establish brand recognition since people will start to identify your company with the colours and fonts of your logo. You might think about condensing the wordmark to a monogram logo using the same font and colour scheme as you get more recognition.


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