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How Much Does Menu Design Cost in the UK?

How much does menu design cost in the UK? The answer to this question depends on a number of different factors.

Size and Complexity

Creating a unique menu design for your business gives you the chance to stand out and make a good first impression. The price varies depending on the complexity and size of the menu. We frequently create A3 menus that are flat or tri-fold for readability and compactness. Perfect for aesthetically stunning, easily readable, and reasonably priced menus. A4 booklets or fold-outs are used for larger menus to allow comprehensive selections. For your convenience, we also provide paper quotations.

Food Photography on the Menu

Even while some eateries choose to use food photos on their menus, this is frequently seen in takeaway designs. As an illustration, consider Harvester, whose rustic menu design is enhanced with high-quality food photos. But many of our menu designs put an emphasis on a straightforward, informational layout without imagery, emphasising readability and simplicity. This strategy also helps with menu size management.

Custom Illustrations and Artwork

Our graphic design services may entail producing unique images or artwork, such as the menu for the Latin-American restaurant and cocktail bar that is displayed below. Choosing custom artwork causes the design process to take longer and increases the design costs.

How Much Does a Menu Design Cost in the UK?

The cost of designing a menu can range from £50 to £2000. However, the final price depends on different factors.

Wedding Menu Design Cost UK

The price for a wedding menu design can range from £50 to £2000.

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