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Cosmetic Packaging Design Consultancy


For cosmetic brands, the challenges of making your brand stand out, being sustainable, and being profitable are just as important, if not more so. The cosmetic industry is highly competitive, and customers are becoming more environmentally conscious. At Ideahits, we understand the importance of creating sustainable and innovative packaging that reflects your brand values while standing out on the shelf.

Our team packaging design consultants has over 6 years of experience in designing and creating packaging for cosmetic brands. We are passionate about supporting brands in their infancy to create effective, sustainable, and innovative packaging. As proud members of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, we understand the need to achieve a balance between luxury and sustainability.

As a cosmetic packaging design agency takes your packaging further than just designing it. We work closely with you to understand your brand vision and values to create packaging that reflects your brand story. We offer a range of packaging solutions, from beauty packaging to luxury packaging, to meet your needs.


Sustainable Packaging

Creating sustainable packaging for cosmetics is crucial. Cosmetic packaging can be made from a variety of materials, including plastic, glass, and metal. We work with you to create packaging that reduces your carbon footprint and positively impacts the planet. For example, we can help you choose biodegradable materials or reduce unnecessary packaging that may end up in landfills.

Minimalist Packaging Design

Minimalist packaging design has become increasingly popular in recent years. With more customers looking for sustainable options, minimalist packaging is a great way to reduce waste and reduce costs. At Cosmetic Packaging Design Consultancy, we can help you create minimalist packaging that reflects your brand values while also reducing your carbon footprint. Our team can help you choose the right materials and design elements to create a minimalist packaging design that is both elegant and functional.

Reducing Packaging Costs

As a cosmetic brand, reducing packaging costs without compromising on design is important to your profitability. We understand that expensive packaging concepts can affect your bottom line. That’s why we take pride in understanding the production process and how it impacts design. We can help you reduce costs by choosing the right materials, reengineering your product packaging, or simplifying your packaging design.

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At Ideahits, we love supporting B Corp brands, as we can be challenged together to take sustainable packaging further for your brand! Our goal is to create packaging that reflects your brand values, while also being innovative, effective, and sustainable. Talk to our cosmetic packaging design consultant today to discuss how we can help you create packaging that stands out and positively impacts the planet.


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