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Social media is creating a visual images and content for social media platforms. We delivers and create unique social media design that appeals to your target audience and makes your social media platforms stunning.


that grow brands.

Our main goal is to assist our clients compete the target audience and develop the unique and creative designs.


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    Social Media Design Services

    Having an established online presence is becoming more important for companies and businesses. Now, may companies have established a strong online presence by using social media to build brand awareness, generate leads, and increase website traffic. Businesses are becoming more and more aware of the advantages of purchasing digital design assets. The number of social media users are increasing in the parts of the UK and other parts of the world. So, it seems there it will be consistent.

    Businesses either large or small cannot ignore the importance of having an effective social media presence. Small businesses and organisations have a fantastic opportunity to network and communicate with a potentially large audience thanks to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media platforms offer a great place to engage with customers.  However, we should not ignore competition as many brands and businesses are adopting fast.

    The Power of Visual Content for Social Media

    Have you ever visited a Facebook page or post with stunning images? What do you think about a page or post which attracted you to see more? More often we want to scroll down to see more if a page has posted amazing images. Visual content is essential for online success and may offer a social media strategy a tremendous boost. Viewers are significantly affected by carefully chosen colour schemes, typography, images, and other visual impacts.

    Using captivating visual cornet for your social media can give a major boost to your social media campaigns. One of the best social media marketing techniques available is the use of eye-catching custom social media graphics. Do you want to stand out from the others? You can utilise captivating designs by IdeaHits UK.

    Social Media Design Services for Facebook

    Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. It is not possible to ignore this platform for your company or business promotion. Facebook offers many marketing tools that you can use for the promotion. You can make Facebook page and start your marketing. Here you can do organic or paid ads services.

    IdeaHits offers a ranger of social media design services for Facebook. The company aims to your your profile look stunning and attractive. Some of the services include Facebook ads images, Facebook Cover and Header images and so on. You can hire us to make your page stand out.

    Social Media Design Services for Instagram

    Instagram has huge potential for brands and businesses. Interesting content with eye catching images keeps users scrolling down and they get to their desired content. We understand the importance of visual content for Instagram. We offer Instagram design services for brands and businesses. These services include post design, story design, infographic design, and more. Do you need premium spark or Instagram filter? We are here to help.

    Social Media Design Services for Twitter

    Twitter mainly talks about recent events and happenings. As a company or brand, you need to be active in order to get boost on Twitter. IdeaHits UK offers a range of design options for your Twitter profile. We offer twitter cover page design, profile picture design, gaming banner and so on.

    Social Media Design Services for YouTube

    YouTube is the largest video sharing platform on internet. It has a huge audience that visits this website daily to see content posted by other. As a brand or business, you need to create stunning and eye-catching content that makes other click your video. That means you need to create interesting click bait images that push others to click. Our services for YouTube include YouTube thumbnail design, puzzle posts grid and story design and gaming posts design.

    Social Media Design Services for Twitch

    Do you want to get eye catching gaming banning for your Twitch profile? We provide high quality gaming banners for Twitch social media.

    In addition, we offer social media design services for TikTok, Snapchat and other social media platforms. We love to create TikTok and Snapchat filters. If you are looking for stunning header images for LinkedIn, we are available for the help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    01 What is Social Media designs?

    Social media design refers to the creation of visual concept for social media platforms it is the graphics that make your social media more attractive and more appealing for your target audience.

    02 How to design social media strategy?

    Many companies have entire departments dedicated to social media strategy some are.

    • Recognize the procedure.
    • Keep an eye on the audience’s location.
    • Keep in mind when you should post.
    • Make connections.
    • Make up a story.
    • Hashtag technique is used.

    03 How much does social media designer charge?

    It depends on the creativity of designer. If the designer create simple design they can charge $5 if designer create eye catching and creative post it can be charge $25 or more than this.

    04 What does social media designer do?

    Social media designer must have responsibilities of posting content create graphics for social media to attractive their target audience, the success of social media designer is that they must be motivated creative and have better understanding of marketing principles.

    05 What defines social media graphics?

    A successful social media graphics is always tend to be with current trends of social media and creativity of the designer that they create attractive and eye catching graphics that are more appealing to their target audience.

    06 Which software use for social media template design?

    There is no magic bullet the graphic designer used software according to their individual objectives some designer use illustrator and gimp for complicated task and for simple task they usually use canvas or pixlr.

    07 How to create graphics for social media?

    Making of social media graphics is not to hard different designer use different software’s to make their graphics more attractive unique and creative that stand out their social media¬† from their competitors. It depends upon the designer that which software they use to make their graphics unique and eye catching.

    08 Why social media design is important?

    Unique social media graphic design makes your brand stand out from others, it is important for your brand awareness that people know your brand an enhance the connection between you and your followers.

    09 How to make custom digital images?

    In past people take photo from the camera and then convert it into digital signal . some uses scanner to scan a physical image into digital image but now a days it can be advance the designer use different software like Adobe photoshop and Gimp to make an image directly on computer.

    10 What design trends for social media?

    Now a days 3d and 2d is in trending. This is style can be applied to a wide range of media including art and animation web design and typography. Its become increasingly popular for app design.

    11 How to make a social media ad?

    Making social media ad you must knowledge about

    • Know your goal
    • Choose the format
    • Create videos
    • Branding Strategy
    • Use of attractive colors

    12 What designing elements use for social media design?

    There are some most important social media elements that must know every graphic designer.

    • Color
    • Alignment
    • Repitation
    • Contrast
    • Hierarchy
    • Balance
    • Typography