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Our designer design a number of numerous designs which are full of creativity you can choose your right logo to represent your company. We delivered outstanding designs of logo which can make your brand stand out from others.


with style. That's all you wish for.

We created a lot of logo and branding design through out of the years that are eye catching and stunning to stand out your business.


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    We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great logo for your brand or business. Most people agree a logo must be “spot on”. A poor logo can represent your brand in a negative way that can impact how people react to it. Those companies which take their brand image seriously tend to make broader impact on their audience by focusing on their logo and other elements of branding. We at Idea Hits UK are eager to provide you advice that can help you get build your brand image.

    Professional Logo Design Services in the UK

    IdeaHits understand the importance of representing a brand with an image. Turning an image as a brand identity makes sense for a lot of reasons. Our team of professional graphic designers is here to help you select the perfect logo design for your brand or business. Having a logo that transforms your brand image is a great choice. So, get in touch today and start your journey.

    Bespoke Design Service

    We create bespoke logo designs for you. The bespoke designs have the ability to make it according to your needs. We edit the design before it is finalised. Then you can use it as a brand image and post it anywhere you like. Check our website for the list of some of the logos that you may find as inspirational.

    A logo is usually the first thing that your customers see for your business. It creates a first impression that is vital for a business. In other words, it is vital for the success of your business. So, we take the time to create professional logo designs that give a positive image about your brand or business. The logos are created to establish credibility.

    An inspiring startup needs a brand logo that establishes their first impression. It can have a positive impact on your customers to established trust and drive new and old business. We have an experienced team of graphic designers to help you establish the impact from the very beginning. We aspire to create a lasting impression.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are questions that are frequently asked by our customers in the UK. FAQs section provides valuable answers to customer questions. Need more information, contact us through our contact form.

    What's The Best Way to Get a Logo for My Business?

    Getting a logo for your brand or business requires thorough research. A business requires a logo that conveys the meaning behind brand ideology. The best way to get a logo for your company is to research the ideas online. You can search Google for logo design ideas or you can visit our library for design inspirations. So, getting in touch with IdeaHits UK is the best way to start your journey.

    02 What Makes a Good Business Logo?

    A good logo for a business is the one that conveys what you stand for. It conveys the message to others about what you want to do. In addition, it makes them recognise you when they see your logo.

    The best way to get an ideal business logo is by working with a professional graphic designer. You tell your requirements and they suggest you a logo that aligns with your branding needs. They suggest your fonts, shapes and colours that convey the message you want your brand to give.

    03 How Can I Design My Own Logo?

    You can make your own logo by using software like Photoshop. But if you are not an expert designer, using a logo builder or logo design app are the best options for you. But these tools offer you templates to create your logo. If you want a customised logo for your brand or business, you can hire a professional graphic designer.

    There is another option that you can use to get corporate logo. Using AI tool to create your logo is an effective way to create an image to convey your brand identity. However, AI logo creator tools are not that impressive, so consider hiring a designer instead.

    04 How Much Does a Logo Design Cost in the UK?

    We have a wide range of logo designs for our customers. Prices may vary depending on the type of the logo. At IdeaHits UK, you can get a professionally designed logo at starting at £100.

    We can offer customised pricing depending on your budget.

    05 Can I Use My Own Images in My Design?

    IdeaHits designers do their best to create a prefect logo for any brand or business. However, if you want to use your own image in the design, it is possible to do so. You can submit your design with brief.

    06 What Is Logo and Brand Identity?

    Sometimes, people will use these two names interchangeably. They are fundamentally different processes even though they are connected and need to work together.

    Logo: A logo builds brand recognition and creates a company’s image. Your brand will stand out in the target market if it has a strong logo.

    Brand Identity: Because the identity is the frame by the brand owner, it shows how the owner wants its customers to become aware of the brand. Brand identity is the visual representation of the brand that has its name, trademark, etc.

    07 What are Elements of Brand?

    The brand identity is established using branding elements, which are then employed by the designer to produce simple and appealing brand designs.

    • Logo
    • Color palette
    • Shape
    • Tagline
    • Typography
    • Tone of voice

    08 How Much Time Required to Design a Logo?

    The amount of time needed to design a logo relies on the designers’ ingenuity. A logo designer’s procedure may take a few minutes, several days, or even several weeks, but it shouldn’t go on for more than a month. At Idea Hits usually we deliver logos within 24 to 48 hours. However, it depends on the complexity of the design.

    09 How to Build a Brand?

    The core of your business is your brand. Is your brand how consumers first come to know you? The stages to creating a new brand are as follows.

    • Define your target audience
    • Focus on niche
    • Name of business
    • Make a logo
    • Choose attractive fonts and colours
    • Creating a catchy slogan
    • Advertise your brand

    10 Why is Branding Important for Your Business?

    Branding is very significant. Branding has the power to alter how people view your business. It boosts your brand value and encourages new business, but it also has the reverse impact.

    11 Which Software is Used to Design a Logo?

    There are different Software that are used to design a logo some are

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Logo design Studio Pro
    • Canva
    • Designhill
    • DesignEvo